GMLP – Great Music Licensing Platform POWERED BY BEAT VIRAL MUSIC

Get paid for playing our playlists- Say goodbye to licensing fees.


On our platform, an extensive library of thousands of songs spanning diverse genres is at your disposal. We specialize in crafting playlists that seamlessly align with your brand's identity. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing you with a complimentary license, granting unlimited access to our content.


Understanding the nuances of your brand's positioning, we strategically identify key areas within your physical establishment where distinct playlists, or "instances," can enhance the overall ambiance. For instance, if you're a hotel chain, we tailor playlists specifically for your gym and pool areas, lobby, reception, grounds, cafe, and even car parks.


Our dedicated team curates these instances on popular streaming platforms, featuring your brand on the cover art. This immediate integration establishes your brand's presence in the dynamic realm of music streaming. The beauty lies in the fact that every time one of our playlists is played, it generates revenue.


This revenue, a novel income stream for your brick-and-mortar store, is shared directly with you. In essence, you're not just using music; you're creating a sustainable revenue stream through GMLP. Gone are the days of paying hefty license fees – now, with GMLP, you get paid for enhancing your brand with music.


GMLP for General Users:

For individual users, GMLP offers a unique and rewarding experience. By playing our curated playlists in the comfort of your home or office, you become an active participant in our ecosystem.


Each playlist is embedded with a distinctive code, personalized for you, enabling us to track its usage. At the end of each month, based on the frequency and duration of your playlist engagement, you receive a monetary reward from GMLP. It's a simple and enjoyable way for users to contribute to the music community while being compensated for their involvement.